Vex 3

Prepare yourself for one of the most difficult adventures of your life! This addicting game features new achievements to unlock and more difficult levels to complete – filled with all new obstacles to overcome and other goodies to enjoy. Are you ready?

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Main Menu Options

As soon as the game is fully loaded, you’ll notice that you begin on the main menu page. On this page you can select to begin playing, build your own stage, check out the trophies room, or enter the options panel.

If this is your first time playing, you may want to consider checking out the options panel first. In this panel you can make small customizations to the game to help you play more comfortably and allow the game to run more smoothly on your computer. Some options you may want to adjust might be the music and sound effects volume, run speed warnings, particle limit, and render quality.

act 2

Beginning the game

When you begin Vex 3, you first start a short tutorial phase where you can get used to some of the basic controls and learn about some of the obstacles you may face. Once you complete the tutorial, you automatically begin the first level – Act 1. At the beginning of Act 1, your spunky little stick man hero performs a recap exercise of Vex 2, to help you get further familiar with the controls and layout of the game. If you’ve played Act 2, you may notice some familiar obstacles, but you will also see many new obstacles and objects for your stick figure hero to use to his advantage!


The Trophies Room is similar to the Achievements room in the previous versions of this game. However, the new version features 40 different achievements for you to complete! Do you think you have what it takes to complete all the achievements and earn all the trophies?

  • Standard Acts Trophies – Includes 10 trophies to collect
  • Awesome Stuff Trophies – Includes 7 trophies to collect
  • Hard Core Trophies –  Includes 19 trophies to collect
  • Completion Trophies – Includes 4 trophies to collect

If you can’t complete all the levels – check out this page for helpful tips.

Act 1

Stage Building

Similar to the previous versions, Vex 3 includes a stage building mode where you can build a customized stage, then play it or share it with your friends! Unlike the previous version, though, you do not need to unlock various builder packs. Instead, you can jump right into building and customizing your very own stage as soon as you begin playing!

The stage building mode, however does include a few new features. For instance, you can now save the stage you’ve built, grab the code to share with your friends, toggle playing the objects on or off, clear the stage to rebuild, or simply exit the building mode.

Your building tools are pretty standard. They are organized into their own sections at the bottom of the stage building mode screen – objects, obstacles, and platforms. Many of the objects, obstacles, and platforms you can use to build your own stage can be found throughout the normal play of the game.


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Vex 3
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