How To Finish Vex 2 In 20 Minutes

Vex 2 is a fun and addictive game just like its predecessor Vex. If you keep practicing well and with a lot of dedication, you can finish the game in 20 minutes flat! If you still have doubts, then simply read on:

  • Just like the earlier Vex game, Vex 2 also has spikes as the main obstacle and you have to avoid it to move ahead. You can play it here.
  • Not all walls are still, they keep moving up and down. You must time your jump accordingly.
  • Orange blocks are now super bouncy so be careful.
  • To pass through the narrow passages with spikes you must hold down while sliding.
  • To climb up you must jump from wall to wall.
  • While passing over purple blocks, you must be cautious as they fall down once you pass over them. So, you must run faster and jump on it.
  • Avoid the spinning blades when you jump. Watch the walkthrough if you still can’t figure it out.
  • New introduction to Vex2 is the levers; by pressing blue levers gravity is reduced. This makes it easier to pass certain blocks. Also, red levers can strengthen the gravity.
  • In Level 2, there is a place where you have to stand on purple block and go down. At the same time there are spikes on the wall, which you must avoid.

vex 2 by IveyDosia

  • In Level 3, there are purple blocks, which have spikes on the bottom. When you reach there, the blocks vanish and spikes appear. So, you must cross them fast to avoid the spikes.
  • When you arrive at the cannon, you can press jump and fire yourself up. While jumping up you have to jump through the pole to reach a height and from there you can move ahead by jumping on moving platform.
  • Level 4 is more complex with spinning wheels in the narrow regions, which you must slide to pass. Also there lots of shurikens that you must avoid.
  • In Level 5, the ice is very slippery and you must be careful as it melts slowly.
  • In Level 6, the locked doors can be opened with a key which are placed nearby. The spikes move at irregular pace and you must be careful to avoid them while you collect the key.
  • In Level 7, you can move the brown boxes around to move ahead.


  • The big spinner blades are close by and you must time your jump very carefully to move forward.
  • Green levers in Level 8 make you sonic and you can move very fast.
  • In Level 8, the solar blocks can be opened by flicking a light switch.

If you follow the aforesaid tips and practice hard with your moves, then you will certainly be able to complete the entire game of Vex2 in 20 minutes.


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How To Finish Vex 2 In 20 Minutes
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