Vex 3 Walkthrough

Vex 3 is an action packed adventure game filled with complex strategy, creative graphics, and challenging levels. If you’re in the mood for a game that will keep you thinking, then you’ve found it! But, some players find it a little too difficult. So, here’s a brief walkthrough filled with tips and tricks on how to successfully beat Vex 3 and claim your bragging rights!

The Beginning

When you first begin Vex 3, you automatically enter the tutorial phase. During the tutorial, players have the ability to learn the basic concept of the game, how to move your stick figure hero around the playing field, and learn about a few of the obstacles that you will be facing in future levels.

Act 1

Act 1 is essentially a recap of Vex 2 – some may call it an extension to the tutorial. Similar to the tutorial phase, you will get a chance to become more comfortable with the hotkeys, learn how to perform certain tricks with your stick man hero, and get introduced to a few new obstacles as well as some of the old ones from Vex 2.

Act 2

Act 2 introduces playing underwater. While previous versions of this game did have some water scenes included in the game, in Vex 3 you are now faced with an added danger – drowning. Yes, you heard that right! Your little stick figure hero may drown while under water if you’re not paying close enough attention to his breath bar! Also in this Act, you will learn how to push and kick boxes to move them where you need them to go. For instance, if you need to push a box off a cliff to move it to the lower platform in order to jump over some spikes – you can do that! In addition, be prepared to do a lot of wall jumping and wall climbing in this Act!

Act 3

Act 3 becomes increasingly more difficult with the introduction of swing balls and ice blocks. To use the swing balls, simply jump and grab the ball. Then, press the jump button while your stick man hero is within either the red or blue sections that appear. When you press the jump button while in the red section, your character will swing forward. If you press the jump button while in the blue section, he will swing even further! As you progress through this Act, you’ll come across some large ice blocks. Don’t spend too much time standing on these ice blocks because they can – and will – melt away! Also keep in mind that you may need to break through the ice blocks to progress through the level. To shatter the ice blocks, simply stand on them, then jump, and while you’re in mid-air press the down button.

Vex 3

Act 4

In Act 4, your stick man hero is introduced to even more obstacles, as well as some other helpful platforms that he can use to help him complete this level. For instance, in this Act, you’ll notice some new blocks with arrows on them. These blocks are called Speed Blocks, and when you run across them, they will make your little hero run even faster than usual in the direction the arrow on the block is pointing. Be careful, though, they may also shoot you off a cliff!

 Act 5 + 

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Vex 3 Walkthrough
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