Vex Tips For Pros 

Vex is a very addictive game, and you can spend hours playing it. To enjoy the game, you must follow certain strategies, which makes it easier to play the game. The basic concept is to avoid the obstacles in the way.

If you want to be a pro in the game of Vex (or the other games in series – like vex 2 and vex 3), then simply follow these tips:

  • While walking or jumping avoid the red spikes as they will kill you. You can avoid them by jumping.
  • Reaching a top of building can be done easily by jumping from wall to wall. This can be done by jumping on one wall with ‘W’ key and then pressing ‘D’ or ‘A’ key to jump towards the other side of the wall.


  • Obstacles can be crossed by sliding, and this can be done by pressing the ‘S’ key when coming at full speed. Ensure that you keep enough speed so that you don’t fall off the wall.
  • Jumping a wider gap between the walls can be achieved by jumping on the green blocks which are floating between the walls.
  • When there are no green blocks between wider gaps, there will be a pole in between. You need to jump towards the pole and when you reach the red section; you can again jump to reach other side. It’s hard to explain, so start playing and you will see what I am talking about.
  • At the higher levels, you will come across the shurikens. You can avoid them by jumping towards or away from the wall.
  • While performing underwater, you will start losing breath. The breath progress is shown on top left corner of the game screen. You must swim quickly before the breath meter reaches zero.
  • While jumping over purple boxes, some of them will fall down as they are imaginary boxes. Ensure that you keep moving so that you don’t fall down along with these boxes.
  • In certain levels, you will come across large gaps in between the walls. Spikes will also be there on the top as well as on the sides of the wall. To cross them, jump on the orange boxes which are bouncy, but ensure you don’t hit the red spikes on top. The orange box also helps you to jump high, especially when there are no high walls around.
  • Brown boxes can be pushed around! Use it to cross the red spikes or other obstacles by jumping on the brown box.
  • When you reach a black block, a key has to be found and brought near it to open the block. This key can be found somewhere close by.

So, use these tips and be a pro in the game of Vex!

Ready to play?

I hope that the tips above will help you become a better player. You can play Vex on this page (the game is embedded below) or visit its page on our website. The game should load within 25 seconds, so be patient 🙂

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Vex Tips For Pros 
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