Vex Unblocked

If you enjoy adventure games, then you will surely enjoy Vex, a game that offers simple graphics and customizable player controls. What was once unable to play in schools and workplaces around the world, Vex is now offered in an unblocked version to players.

How to Play

Players can enjoy two play modes in this action packed adventure game: Default mode and Builder mode.

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The default mode allows players to complete developer-created stages using the main character, a feisty stick figure. Run, slide, and jump over walls and other obstacles to reach the many checkpoints throughout each stage, and finish by crossing the finish line.

The builder mode allows players to build customizable stages to share with their friends or play on their own. This stage includes its own specific control settings. Once you have completed building your fabulous new stage, you can then send an email to the developers and suggest they include your stage in the Vex community.


As previously mentioned, Vex’s two modes have different hotkey settings. In the game mode, players can customize their hotkey preferences in the options panel. Directional key settings can be set to either the WASD keyboard functions or the arrow keys on the keyboard. Additionally, players can select the M key to toggle the music and sound effects on or off.

Vex Unblocked

In the builder mode, players can click on an object they wish to place from the objects panel, and use the arrow keys on their keyboard to navigate the object to its destination. By pressing the C key, you can quickly and easily duplicate an object you’ve previously selected, and the Esc key will deselect that object. Furthermore, using the Delete button on your keyboard, or selecting the D key, you can delete an object you no longer want on the stage. The spacebar allows you to change your stage guide sizes.

Pro Tips

Vex can be a difficult game to get used to, especially if this is your first time playing. Try some of these pro tips to help you complete the different stages throughout the game.

  • Falling from extreme heights is dangerous to your hero’s health! Jump and slide with care.
  • Avoid spikes and other objects as much as possible. These obstacles can quickly lower your hero’s health bar.
  • Remember that while swimming underwater, the direction your character’s head is pointing is the direction he will begin to swim.


What’s New?

As previously mentioned, Vex is now available in an unblocked version to allow players everywhere to access and play the game from any computer. Play at home, at school, or at work today!

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Vex Unblocked
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